From September 2016 to August 2017, I worked as lecturer in Psychoanthropology of Social Media at the University Saint-Louis, Brussels, Belgium. My approach to social media is grounded on both classic and contemporary psychological and anthropological perspectives on social identity and sharing, while at the same time drawing on sociological and philosophical tools for understanding the societal impact of social networks and collaborative communication.

From October to December 2015, I worked as project evaluator for the CRéSaM (Centre de Référence en Santé Mentale) in Namur, Belgium. My work there consisted in evaluating the methodological design of a survey aimed at identifying sources of psychological suffering and available institutional resources for coping among French-speking adolescents.

From September 2013 to August 2015, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow for the project Emotional Culture and Identity in the Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Navarra, Spain. I carried out qualitative research on the mediatization of emotions in Spanish online news media. My research comprised content analysis of affect-related news, interviews with online journalists, and focus groups with online news readers. My central aim was to examine the role of mediatized affect in the constitution of the emotional public sphere.

From November 2011 to July 2013, I worked as a full-time researcher for the project Compulsive Computer Use and Knowledge Needs in Belgium: A Multimethod Approach funded by the Belgian Science Policy. I carried out this project in the Research Centre Information, Law, and Society at the University of Namur, Belgium. My work there consisted in (a) the design, administration, and statistical analysis of a survey on compulsive use of computers, video games and social networks among secondary school students, (b) the design and statistical analysis of an online survey among adults on compulsive use of computers, video games, and social networks, and (c) conducting life story interviews with young adults suffering from compulsive use of video games in counseling services in Wallonia (French-speaking Belgium).

From October 2008 to October 2011, I worked as a full-time researcher for the project Transformation du rapport à l’information en communication multimédia in the Department of Political, Social, and Communication Sciences at the University of Namur, Belgium. Within this project I carried out a qualitative, ethnographic research focused on audiences’ trust in online news in French-Speaking Belgium.

From September 2006 to September 2009, I worked as a (freelance) associate researcher for the project Evaluating the Cultural Quality of New Media in the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente, The Netherlands. In this project I carried out an interdisciplinary research combining ethical and psychological frameworks and methodologies on the impact of ICT (social networks, video games, virtual therapies) on users’ quality of life and well-being.